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The city of Mission Viejo is an unincorporated area, which means it is patrolled by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. Mission Viejo does not have a city police department nor does it have a city jail. All individuals arrested in the city of Mission Viejo are usually immediately transferred to the Central Jail Complex, which is located at 550 N. Flower Street, in the city of Santa Ana, California because the Mission Viejo Sheriff’s Division does not have a holding facility at their department.

There are circumstances when an arrested individual is taken to the Mission Viejo Sheriff’s Division where they are temporarily held prior to being transported over to Orange County Main Jail. When an individual is waiting for transportation at the Sheriff’s Department in Mission Viejo and are eligible for bail, the Sheriff’s Department may allow a bond posting directly at the Mission Viejo station. We have local bail agents that are available to post bonds at the Mission Viejo Sheriff’s Department 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. We have agents locally who can meet with you in a matter of minutes within your initial phone call to us. Depending on your circumstances, we can even complete the bail bond process via telephone, email and/or fax. If you have a loved one in custody at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in Mission Viejo, call us and we will act quickly to bail them out. We have one of the fastest bail bond release options available in any city throughout Southern California. Our entire bail process consists of approximately 30 minutes of explaining the process, filling out the required paperwork, qualifying you and posting the bond.

Our licensed bail agents understand this is an uncomfortable, stressful and frightening time for you. We are here to offer free bail information and make this process as easy and understanding for you as possible.

Some of the information we can provide include:

  1. booking information
  2. case information
  3. warrant information
  4. court appearance locations
  5. date to appear in Court
  6. charge(s)
  7. bail amount(s)

(Some information is only available to licensed bail agents.)

Below is more specific information to help guide and assist you.

Once an individual has been arrested by the Mission Viejo Sheriff’s Department, there are instances when the police officer will transport the arrestee to the Orange County Sheriff’s Station in Mission Viejo, located at 11 Journey. From there, inmates are transferred to the Orange County Main Jail/Central Jail Complex in Santa Ana, California. The transfer can take place anywhere from ten minutes after the arrest, up to a few hours, depending on circumstances. These circumstances include, but are not limited to, the number of individuals awaiting transfer, the charges the individual was arrested for and the transportation available from Mission Viejo Sheriff’s Station to the Intake/Release Center at the jail in Santa Ana. No matter the circumstance, we offer the possibility to avoid a transfer if we are notified quickly. Below are the two scenarios for bail bonds involving an individual arrested in Mission Viejo, California.

Mission Viejo Sheriff’s Station may allow bail bond postings directly with the department, but it must be done very quickly. It is important to contact us as soon as possible from the time you are aware that your loved one has been arrested. This is so that in the case you do wish to bail them out, we can begin the process quickly and efficiently by notifying the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in Mission Viejo that the individual arrested will be bailed out and request that they hold them at the Mission Viejo Station rather than transferring them to Santa Ana Jail. If the individual has not yet been transferred and Mission Viejo Sheriff’s Division agrees to hold the individual, they will then go through the booking process directly at the police department. This means the individual will be classified by the alleged crime(s) they are accused of (penal code, vehicle code, health and safety code, business and professions code, etc.). The County of Orange has a pre-determined bail schedule that is the basis for the amount of bail that is set, determined by the violating code (look up a code). Once the bail amount is assigned, the arrested individual has his or her fingerprints taken on a machine called a live scan. The live scan is connected to the U.S. Department of Justice’s (DOJ) national database. The live scan and DOJ compares records and will report if the arrested individual has any warrants, bail holds and/or aliases to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. Upon completion of the live scan and the returned results, the arrestee has then “cleared fingerprints” and is ready to be bailed/bonded out as long as there are no “holds”. If a hold is placed, it means the arrestee is unable to bail/bond out because another law enforcement agency, parole/probation officer and/or Judge has Ordered that the person be held without the option to bailing/bonding out until they make at least one Court appearance.

Once the individual has cleared fingerprints we can post the bail bond directly with the Mission Viejo Sheriff’s Department and the individual will be released and free within 15-30 minutes. We understand that it is not always an easy decision whether to bail someone out; but again, it is important to contact us immediately so that this option is available to you to avoid the long, draining and frustrating process of being transferred to the Santa Ana Jail. Upon posting the Mission Viejo bail bond, the arrestee will be released from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department within 15-30 minutes.

Should you decide to wait and not act quickly, the arrested individual will be transferred to Orange County Main Jail/Central Jail Complex Intake/Release Center (IRC) in Santa Ana, California. The Orange County Main Jail/Central Jail Complex is a maximum security correctional facility that holds approximately 5700 male and female inmates. If the arrestee is transferred, it often takes 6-12 hours to process the inmate at Orange County Main Jail/Central Jail Complex, where they will go through the booking process. Although the arrested individual may have already “cleared fingerprints” at Mission Viejo, they will need to clear the system again at Orange County Central Jail, where it takes significantly longer due to the high capacity of inmates. During the booking process at IRC, arrested individuals are also medically triaged, searched, photographed and later, interviewed by the Classification Detail and placed in an appropriate housing location. There are two (2) other jail facilities in the city of Orange that are run by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Theo Lacy and James A. Musick. Depending on the charges the individual was arrested for and Central Jail Complex inmate population, there is a possibility the arrestee may be transferred to one of the two (2) other facilities. Further, if the individual was arrested on a warrant from another county, i.e. Los Angeles or Riverside, the inmate will be temporarily held in Orange County and transferred to the County that holds the warrant. Unfortunately, this booking process at the Santa Ana jail can take anywhere from 6 to 12 hours, depending on the jail capacity and number of Sheriff’s staff available. We are a professional and reliable bail agents are here for you, offering our experience, understanding and knowledge to guide you through this long confusing process.

After they have completed the booking process at Orange County Main Jail/Central Jail Complex, we are then able to post the bond at the Cashier’s Office of the Orange County Main Jail/Central Jail Complex. After the bond has been posted, it then takes another 6-12 hours approximately for the individual to be released. This process is long, draining and frustrating.

Once you become aware of the arrest, despite not feeling sure of your decision to hire our services, we offer a free consultation/free bail information and will contact the Mission Viejo Sheriff’s Department to inquire on the arresting charges, the bail amount and request they keep the inmate at the Mission Viejo Department rather than immediately transferring them to the Orange County Main Jail/Central Jail Complex. Once we obtain the bail information, we will call you back and discuss your options. If you are low on finances for the Mission Viejo bail bond, we can still help. In addition to taking all major credit cards, we offer payment plans with no financing costs depending on your credit rating.

If you have made the decision to bail your loved one out, we have professional Mission Viejo bail bond agents to meet with you and take you through the process quickly. Upon posting the bail bond, we will receive a Court appearance date that is predetermined by the Jail, usually within one month of the arrest date. (Should you decide not to bail out the arrested individual and they are kept in custody, he/she will be transported to Court by the Sheriff’s Department Transportation Division for his/her arraignment (first court appearance) within 48 hours of their arrest date, not including weekends and holidays.) Individuals arrested in Mission Viejo, California will most likely appear at the Harbor Justice Center-Newport Beach located at 4601 Jamboree Rd in the city of Newport Beach. Upon his or her release from either the Mission Viejo Sheriff’s Department or the Orange County Central Jail, our bail agent will meet with the arrested individual, go through the required paperwork with him or her, notify them of their Court Appearance and any other requirements our office may implement.

Our Mission Viejo bail agents office understands you have many options/choices in deciding which Bail Bond Company to work with. We ask that you simply contact us, speak with one of our agents and give us the opportunity to make this bail bond process calm, comfortable and FAST for you and your loved one.

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